Rules & Policies
  1. Deadline for submission: 12-09-2021.
  2. Results declaration: 19-09-2021.
  3. Theme: Landscape, Silhouettes, Food.
  4. Categories: Mobile Camera & Professional Camera.
  5. Territory: Open everywhere.
  6. Eligibility: No age groups & open to all entry.
  7. 2 photos per category per theme will be allowed.
  8. No watermark & no editing will be allowed except for basic colour correction.
  9. Participants have to follow our page on Instagram & Facebook.
  10. Prizes will be divided in two categories:
    1. Decided by Judges.
    2. Decided on the basis of Likes i.e. we will upload your photo on our Facebook & Instagram pages. Most numbers of likes (fb + insta) will win the competition.
  11. Decision of Judges and organisers shall be final and binding to all.
  12. Registration Fees:
    1. Mobile Category: 30-INR per theme.
    2. Professional Camera: 50-INR per theme.
  13. Registration fees are non-refundable.
  14. If participants want to take part in different categories and/or different themes then they need to register individually for each category for each theme like:-
    1. Mobile – landscape = 30-INR (Max.2 photos allowed)
    2. Professional – landscape = 50-INR (Max. 2 photos allowed)
    3. Mobile – food = 30-INR (Max. 2 photos allowed)
    4. Professional – food = 50-INR (Max. 2 photos allowed)
    5. Mobile – silhouettes = 30-INR (Max. 2 photos allowed)
    6. Professional – silhouettes = 50-INR (Max. 2 photos allowed)

“Decisions taken by the organizers and the judges shall be final and binding to all.”

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